Last Year We Made It. This Year We Win!


This past weekend our team traveled to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia for the SIRC Conference Playoff. We played a physical match against UGA Saturday (03.28.15), ultimately ending in a win of 15 to 10. Sunday our team had high hopes for the final match against Emory, a team we’ve played many times before. After 80 minutes of determination, we pulled out a win of 19-5!

We are now headed to the DII National Sweet 16 Championship in Greenville, SC at Furman University from April 10th-12th. Last year the team was invited, but were unable to attend due to lack of funding. This year we plan to show them just who they missed out on! Can I get a Ruck Tide?

If you would like to donate to this cause we have a gofundme account. Below is the link :

If you would like to follow our live updates, below is the link to our Twitter page :


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