What is Rugby?

What is Rugby?

“Isn’t it kinda like football with no pads?”

“I heard it’s like a mix between football and soccer.”

“Don’t you guys use sticks or something?”

Rugby is a full-tackle sport consisting of 15 players per team on the pitch during the match. Unlike other sports, your jersey number corresponds with your position. Numbers 1 through 8 are known as the Forwards. They are the Power House of the field, bulldozing through opponents. Forwards tend to be sturdy and strong. We love our forwards. Position 9 is the scrumhalf–most akin to a quarterback in American terms. They decide which direction the play will go, either to the forwards, or to positions 10 through 15–the backs. The backs are the speedsters and playmakers. They hit gaps and run fast.

So you see, rugby is truly a sport for anyone. We have positions for the tall and slender, short and stocky, speedy, strong, and everything in between. Absolutely no experience is necessary to come onto our field. We welcome everyone. You will learn the rest of the rules later. Our knowledgeable coaches and inviting veteran players will answer any and all of your questions.

If you have any questions now, you may contact our team via uawomensrugby@gmail.com




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